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So I wrote, directed and edited my first big short film. In the past I have made 1-3 minute short films which were all terrible. But I went into this one saying "I'm going to give this my best shot". Well the production was very troubled. The location we were shooting at forced us to shoot 3 hours a day instead of 4 without an extra day as an option. Due to this, we were rushed and did not shoot a lot of connective tissue for the film, there were tonnes of continuity errors and pacing issues. I did my best to fix it in the edit which meant deviating heavily from my original script. I was in favor of re-shoots as was my gaffer. But the rest of my team voted against it as they felt we didn't NEED reshoots per se.

So...When would a filmmaker say it is appropriate for re-shoots and how would one go about convincing his crew to do so? Reminder: This is a short film paradigm and the majority of my cast and crew are first timers like myself.

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I am guessing that this is an unpaid shoot. If that is the case then all you really need are your on-camera actors to complete your re-shoot, and if that's not possible then you're going to have to re-jig your story to fit with the footage that's possible to reshoot.

With no-budget Indie shoots it's so common to have to go with the flow and make script/scene/talent adjustments to your film as you shoot because nothing is guaranteed when you're not paying for things.

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Guy McLoughlin
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