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Results of BMCC 2.5K with Zeiss Prime Lens (EF)

I am just a beginner in Filmmaking and have plans to buy a Blackmagic Cinema Camera (EF). A Blackmagic URSA 4K (EF) along with a few Zeiss Prime Lenses [15mm, 35mm & 50mm] are also available for use in my ambiance. Would the Blackmagic Cinema Camera be a right choice for those Zeiss Primes ? Or are there some cost-competitive alternative lenses ?

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You will never regret having the best glass you can afford. You will always regret buying a lens that never meets your performance goals. In the grand scheme of things ($300 Rokinons to $30,000 Master Primes), the Zeiss Primes are solid, reliable performers, well-known to many. They are limited compared to Ultra Primes (which are T1.9) and Master Primes (which are T1.3), but very capable.

Can you go cheaper? Of course. But everything is a compromise. I know a lot of people very happy with BMCC + Rokinon. I also know many who love their Zeiss primes. If you have the opportunity to visit a showroom (I visit Abel Cine when I'm in NYC), you can bring your camera and see for yourself how a wide range of glass performs. Take careful notes, review your images, and then decide whether you want your money in glass, media, sensors, support, lighting, modifiers, sliders, jibs, computers, monitors, etc.

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