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Rokinon vs Sigma

Hey guys, I will be buying a Panasonic gh4 along with the new metabones speedboster xl with 0.64 reduction factor, so for the lenses i have two questions.

First one is whether to go with the Rokinon 24mm and 35mm cine lenses OR the sigma 18/35 mm f/1.8 ?

Second one is that if i went with Rokinon lenses Should i save money and go with old CV series 24 and 35 mm lenses OR the new more expensive DS series 24 and 35 mm lenses, like are they worth the extra money?

Note I will be using this setup mostly for film



I'm having the same issue. Monitoring this thread. ;-)

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Christopher Allison

This really depends, the Rokinons will be optically better, but you sacrifice the convenience of the 18-35 with zoom and autofocus. While I almost always use manual, in a pinch I appreciate automatic functions. I would suggest starting with a zoom, either the 18-35 or my preference: the sigma 24-105 and after the fact getting some rokinons. This will assure you have a setup that you can pick up and shoot first, and then you can focus on nicer primes later on. Also, the Rokinons work exponentially better when paired with a 15mm rod system and follow focus

August 10, 2015 at 11:09AM


I've used both, and right now sticking with the Sigma 18-35 for a couple reasons.
First, it's fast, which is nice. Also, if you buy the correct adapters, it is a workhorse of a lens. You can use a Speedbooster, as well as a regular adapter, and you end up getting a whole slew of focal lengths, by just changing the type of adapter.
It is a bit on the heavy side, but really well built, VERY sharp, real nice glass.
That being said, for more character and a bit different of an image, I am looking into purchasing some Rokinons as well. I used one a few months back before returning it, and the image quality was really unique and great. Awesome lenses.
I think you'd be good either way, but bang for buck, Sigma will give you the most focal length versatility, and will always be sharp and fast.

August 10, 2015 at 11:35AM

Ben Meredith

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