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Rokinon vs Sony native cheaper lens?

hey guys,
I own an a56300 and I am struggling with what lens should I buy next since I only have the kit lens!

I am wondering between the rokinon 24mm 1.5 cine ds lens that cost 800 dollars or the sony sel35f18 wich is also fast but half the price and it has autofocus (wich comes handy for glidecam shots) also the sony is smaller and I dont know about rokinin quality, I think it is waaay expensive since I could buy a zeiss touit for that money, but I dont know if the touit will make such a big difference ove the sel35f18.


You've got a camera from the future?? JK. Given what you're considering already, I'd say look at the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 Art. You'll need an adaptor but it's probably worth it.

But between the two you mentioned, I'd probably get the Sony 35 unless you need a cine lens for pulling focus or changing iris during a shot.

Just FYI Rokinons are pretty good, though!

July 18, 2016 at 7:37PM


hahaha the "5" was typo!
I have already heard good things about the sigma 18-35, but is it comparable with a zeiss lens or even the sony 35mm? does it produces such high quiality images that you can compare to a fixed lens??

Salomão Abdala

July 19, 2016 at 5:07AM, Edited July 19, 5:07AM

Get the Rokinon/Samyang. Look at previous cine versions of the rokinon/samyang lenses. You could get a an earlier "model" for much cheaper. Although they may lack an aspherical element or lens coatings, that's what can give your images some "personality."

Also look at other mounts for the lens if you need to save money. The ability to adapt virtually any lens on your Sony via an adapter opens up the world to all kinds of glass. :)

Nikon lenses are designed for a very long flange distance. So if you ever chose a new camera brand, you could possibly adapt a nikon mount lens to that body too. And a nikon mount rokinon/samyang lens is usually cheaper because of Nikon's lack of video features.

Keep in mind that the rokinon/samyang lenses are all "manual" lenses. You will not have autofocus, or an automatic aperture. If you can't live without those features, then maybe the other lens will be worth it for you.

Shooting manual only does good things for you though. It forces you to slow down and compose your image.

Hope this helps!

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Rokinon Just announced auto focus lenses for sony you might wanna check into.

July 20, 2016 at 2:35PM

Michael Militscher
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Can't reply to your reply...
Check out dxomark.com for optical quality measurements.

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