January 31, 2016 at 9:44AM


Screenplays needed to be given away

Hello everyone,

I have posted on numerous sites before trying to give away short scripts of mine for free, money, I don't care. I just really want them made by anyone who wants to make a film and needs any type of screenplay. I was told plenty of times that my question of asking whether anyone wants a screenplay or not is somehow not a suitable question to ask but I'm trying to have them produced by anyone, I want my screenplays made. I don't want to go through life not having them made, I try myself but people won't help me so I thought that people on the internet would like to have an already written script ready to shoot and make it in whatever way they want. It's very hard to make films I know and I don't have friends to help me. If there is anyone out there who wants a screenplay or two or three or as many as they want to make then please contact me through my email which I will post at the very end of this post. I would love for people to make my screenplays and then do whatever I can to support them. It would help me and help so many people too. Please don't tell me my post shouldn't be here because this isn't a place to give scripts away or something like that, that's not going to stop me and honestly I don't see why I shouldn't, I'd like to give people the opportunity to make something.

My email is - alanmartinpower@gmail.com

Give me a message if your interested.

Thank you.

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