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Seeking Young, STUDENT FILM MAKERS for MUSIC VIDEO Collaboration Projects

Hello Student Film Makers,

My name is Jay Shan (from Asia and USA & In the Music Industry)

I am Affiliated with a Wonderful, Young International Pop Jazz Artist from USA (An Asian/White Mix boy) who is creating Incredible Buzz in the Industry.

The Artist Has a No.#1 Pop Jazz Love Song in parts of JAPAN now for 10 weeks in a row and Growing and is in the TOP 100 Billboard Charts with the Great Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars - I have All these Materials to Show by the way.

Currently I am Seeking to "Collaborate" with Young Student Film and Video Makers (Such as you perhaps), to work with us on a Series of Fun and High Impact little MTV Style Music Videos and Two Full-On Higher Profile Music Videos for "Name Recognition" and Advancement on one's Portfolio and entering into the Market ....

At this time, there is "NO PRODUCTION BUDGET" so it is Fully a "Collaborative Effort" - ((But a Very Serious Endeavor)) !!!!

The First Album Project has various Exciting Tracks we could use some quick little Video and Graphics style Product to Accompany.

More Importantly, we have a "Worldwide Collaboration Album" unfolding now with Music Artists from All over the World Contributing as a way to "Shine Light" on Up-&-coming New Talent and we wish to encompass the whole Video Aspect of this as well, where were do the Same.

We have a Vision to do Two (Maybe Three) Short but Clean and Professional Music Video Style Projects (Hip and Cool with high Impact) this New Album, and down the road when the Projects Release, you will have have "Full Name Credit" and Tons of Social Media Promotion going forward in a Viral way.

IF, Any of this peeks your Interest and you do indeed have the "Desire, Technical and Creative Talent and Quality Equipment and Settings and TIME" to do something of this Nature, Please kindly Contact me.

I will then be able to Share more details, and many Links/Materials on this Fabulous Artist so you can understand what this is All about and will need to see some Video Reels of your Work Please.


Looking Forward to hearing from you


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And again we see that student’s success is measured only by the exam scores and it is sad, because there are so many talented young people, who cannot develop their skills and even lose self-confidence and motivation. Education is concentrated only on grades and we shouldn’t be surprised why modern students apply to essay writers in Australia to get their college papers done. They do what the system require – result. However, we need to make learners think and believe that they can do more.

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