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Sennheiser AVX - broken?

Hi All,

I purchased one of these a few weeks back and went to use it at a wedding, to my horror the receiver wasn't powering on with the Phantom Power. Naively, I hadn't bothered to charge it but luckily I had a back up recorder. My camera (HC-X1000) has phantom power, and it powers my NTG4+ and other devices just fine. All I get with the AVX receiver is one blink from the red power light.

Now - have I incorrectly assumed that it SHOULD be powered by the camera, or is this some clever marketing ploy and that actually the action of the AVX detecting phantom power just switches it on and off, rather than actually powering it?!

Appreciate thoughts.

Thank you!


I have done some more digging and a YouTuber responded with:

"The receiver always needs battery. It's only a power off feature to help conserve battery. If no phantom, the it powers down. It will always need battery power."

So that clears that up :)

September 7, 2015 at 8:56AM

Nathan Buck
Freelance Videographer

I haven't read anything about being able to power the receiver with phantom power, but I have read that you can power it via it's micro USB connection. It's worth checking out, as USB mobile batteries are quite cheap and some have a large power capacity. ( I read on another forum about powering the Tascam DR-70 recorder for 12+ hours using a $20 USB battery )

September 7, 2015 at 11:22AM, Edited September 7, 11:24AM

Guy McLoughlin
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