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Sennheiser AVX MKE 2 - advice pls.

I recently bought the Sennheiser AVX mke2. I try to figure out how to best set i up with the Zoom H6 and BMC 2.5K, and what mic filter to use. I’ve sued it in this reportage: https://vimeo.com/196781894

I think it picked up too much environmental noise and the gain seemed to have some issue. In partiuclr when I plugged it in directly to the BMC.
I really apricate all advice I can get from any user out where.

With thanks

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Most LAV mics have an omni pick-up pattern, so you either film in a very quiet place or have the mic placed so that it will pick-up less environmental sound.

I use a pair of Sennheiser G3 UHF LAV systems with the Oscar SoundTech OST-802 LAV mic that I mount with a vampire-clip to the subject's clothing. In noisy environments I will turn the mic so that it's facing towards the vampire clip which helps to reduce environmental sounds because the mic only picks up sound from above when mounted like this. Makes a big difference in reducing the environmental noise. ( surprisingly it does not make much difference to the subject's audio )

I've also seen sound people place a small black tube over the head of some LAV mics to make them more directional and reduce the amount of environmental pick-up, but you have to make sure the mic is positioned correctly to record your subject.

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