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Sennheiser ME 66/ K6 issues and questions

I recently made a great deal and bought a used ME66/K6 from BH Photo, mint condition, no signs of use, just like new...

My main problem here is... Im getting a very low audio signal from this mic... Im quite concerned because I've heard this is one of the hottest mics out there, with a 50mV/P, right? And im getting a very low low sensitivity from this mic... Either with my Nikon D800 and my Zoom H6.

I'm mostly going to use this mic with my Nikon D800E, and got myself a Kopul LMT100 - Low to High Impedance Matching Transformer (1.5') to use with it.

The problem is that im getting very low levels from this mic, making me push the preamp gain almost to its max... And of course, I'm getting completely unusable audio from this setup... which is quite... disappointing. And I get it, DSLR preamps are BAD... but i was expecting a better result considering the high sensitivity of the ME66.

But what concerns me the most is, when I use this mic with my Zoom H6 I'm still getting very low levels from it... Which makes me push the Zoom's preamp gain high, resulting in high noise and hiss audio.

My settings pluging the ME 66 to the Zoom H6 are:

ME 66 plugged via XLR to one mono input in the Zoom H6.
48V Phantom powered.
Channel gain is 50%, which is the #5 in the gain knob.
No -20dB padding on the Zoom H6

With this settings im getting a low level audio, about -18dB on the Zoom's monitor VU meter.

Going any higher in the gain knob will result in nasty noise showing up..

I would really appreciate your thoughts, your recommendations, and your help to solve this problem.
I hope everything is clear, and understandable.

Thank you Thank you in advance!


Forgot to describe the setup context...

So, the setup for the test i made with the Nikon D800 & the Zoom H6 with the ME 66 is:

Average closed silent room, rigging the mic on the Nikon's hot shoe with an Auray Shockmount, im about 1 meter away form the mic, which is pretty close...

Using the Zoom H6, i just switched cables between camera and the Zoom, meaning the setup stays the same... (Rigging the mic on the Nikon's hot shoe with an Auray Shockmount, I'm about 1 meter away form the mic)

Thanks for your help!

March 22, 2015 at 5:55PM


It sounds like you have a defective mic. Do you have any other XLR mics to test your set-up with ?

Have you tried talking with B&H ? ( they are usually very helpful with these kinds of things )

March 22, 2015 at 8:26PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Thanks for the reply Guy!

I'll try to contact BH asap!
Although I live in Mexico, I truly hope something can be done!

And I hope, from the deepest part of my heart that I don't have a defective mic!

March 23, 2015 at 12:10AM


Im quite disappointed... Specially with the Zoom H6 ME66 combo... Noise floor is terrible, i have to push the gain to 50% on the zoom to get a still quiet signal, even when recording in a very controlled enviroment (Mic placed 9in away from my mouth, rigged in a boom pole, ponted down). If i push the gain knob on the Zoom just a touch higher, nasty noise start to show up, and my levels aren't enough...

Pretty useless for field shooting, Im making a documentary, and its CRITICAL to get good quality audio without huge and advanced systems... the smaller, compact, and comforable, the better, Im swithcing between tripod, glidecam, and moving at all times... all fits in a single backpack and a belt... No assistants, It's just me out there. Hope someone understands..

Im wondering if this is normal with this combo... if someone has the experience with using this combination. I want to avoid investing $350 on a JuicedLink preamp... I'm going to take a while to afford it!!

Filmmakers out there who are using the Zoom H6 and the ME66/K6, is this normal??

Thanks for your support and help!

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