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Sharpness of Images?

Hello friends,
My name is Anirban Ray and I am film-maker and journalist based in the Middle-East.
Well to take my film-making to an upgraded level I bought a new Canon 100DDSLR. Now as I take pictures they don’t come sharp. However I tried with tripod, playing with the Av and Tv, I don’t get those clear images that one sees in magazines in spite of the camera being a 18MP and with a APCS sensor.
Can someone kindly share some tips of how to have sharper images?



Main thing is getting your lens in focus. Try shooting on full manual (M) set your aperture (f-stop) to something around 5.6-8, this will help you get more in focus while learning. Then set your shutter speed and ISO according to your light. Shooting a lower ISO will give less noise in the image, while shooting at a fast shutter speed will freeze your subject more so there will be less motion blur if things are moving. Double check your focus and shoot away! Play around until you get the hang of it. The better your lighting the better the photo will turn out.

most magazine stuff is shot with flashes and a lot of experience so keep working at it and keep playing with different settings and you'll figure out what works best for you. There is no right or wrong when it comes to how to do something.

Good Luck!

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Chase Axton

It would be a great help if we could see what you are talking about...

Image sharpness depends on a few things:

- High quality lens
- Proper focus
- Good lighting
- Fast enough shutter speed if shooting hand-held
- How steady the shooter is ( always squeeze the shutter when you breathe out )
- Lens image-stabilization is also very handy for sharp images

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Guy McLoughlin
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