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Short Film - Minimum kit required

Hi guys, I am making a short film of 20 minutes and it for submission to festivals. Having huge budget constraints in buying or renting out filmmaking equipment. Could you kindly tell me what the tool kit should consist of for optimizing budget without compromising the quality?(especially sound mix and color correction. What is the minimum cost camera, do I need Lavaliers or Boom Mics and which editing software is cheap and best for complete editing with some basic color correction?


If your budget is tight then only buy what you can't borrow or rent. As far as audio and color correction go, a person's skill level will make the biggest difference to the finished result. If you are going to do most of the work, then you've got to do a lot of practice to get good at both of these areas.

With audio, mic placement is everything. Most people place their mics too far away from their talent, when you should be 2-3 feet from your subject. You will also need to learn how to post-process audio, which includes things like noise-reduction, EQ, compression, etc...

Color correction and grading take a lot of practice to get good at it. The first thing you need to learn is how to correct color and contrast errors in your footage so that you can produce a consistent look to your footage. As odd as it may seem, I recommend buying a set of Lee Print Viewing filters which will help you to train your eye to recognise all 6 main primary colors, so that you will know how to correct for any of these colors in your footage.

Again, lots of practice is required to get good at this.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Thank you Guy for your advice. I won't do whole post production process myself, my friend does video editing, but I like to learn those process especially sound editing. My film has not many conversation scenes, so I am thinking of buying a Boom Mic just for now. Regarding foley sounds, how to produce them, how to add wind noise, traffic, etc., these keep making me think whether I should go to film school. My friend uses Premiere Pro 6 for video editing but color grading extension Colorista is pretty much expensive for a one time use. Using Sony Movie Studio I think is cheaper option over Premiere Pro. A good advie for saving dough is needed/ More over I have a low end DSLR and the whole team is just starting things out.

Jim Holden

May 7, 2015 at 7:24AM

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