December 11, 2017 at 2:01PM


Short Film Pace Is Too Quick


I’m making a short film (2:30 in length,) and I’m finding that the pacing seems to fast. Not that the actual length of clip is too short, but that it feels as if I’m arriving to the next scene without enough context.

The issue is I don’t know what B-Roll I need. I’ve shot in my house a certain way to allow the story to work, but it’s not geographically correct, so showing shots of the house could break the viewers perception of how every scene fits together.

How do I shoot B-Roll that gives purpose to the next scene without ruining the perceived perception of “my world?”

It’s a short horror film, if that helps.


Zachary Lewis

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I'd recommend trying to stick to one location with a film as short as that. Not only will it make the geography of your world make sense but also production will be much easier. If you must jump between rooms, maybe start with wide shots to establish the different locations and use drastically different set dressing and lighting (maybe even gels if you want to be surreal). That might help with switching locations. Also, especially in horror, music and sound scape can be your friend. Different sounds for different areas on top of a wide shot could signify new spots. I hope this helps, and good luck on the film!

December 12, 2017 at 10:22AM

Cade Taylor

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