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Solid lighting kit for 5K


Looking for a solid lighting kit, don't want to spend more than 4-5k
Currently have a 2ft 2 bank cheap Chinese kino and 2 1x1 panels.
the panels just arn't lasting, not reliable at all and give a horrible green cast.

for everyday use. lots of talking heads (high and low end interviews)
content and for extra lighting where we hire gaffs on the bigger jobs.

open for any ideas,

was thinking perhaps some daylight kenos, and some good daylight or LED spots?

open for all and any ideas.



Maybe something like that to start? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1061332-REG/kino_flo_kit_3nt_120u_...
And get a 4Bank extra if needed...
Here are recently announced LED options for a quite good price and in your budget you could get a few, but no reviews so far: http://nofilmschool.com/2015/04/new-affordable-led-fixture-soft-light-mo...

April 28, 2015 at 2:40PM

Andre Mascarenhas
Video Producer, Director and Editor

I realize this thread is 5 months old...did you make a decision?

If not, here's where I'd start:

Wicked power, punch, and daylight balance: a pair of Joker Bug 200 HMI lights with small reflectors (http://www.kflect.com/) to recycle spill light for hair light. A kit that's slightly above your budget also includes a softbox. But you can light indoors or out (on darker days). Unfortunately, $2K above your max budget with the full kit.

ARRI have a 3-LED kit (2x L5-C LED fresnel and a Locaster panel) for a street price of $6,300. That, plus a nice bounce board and you can do a lot. But not nearly the punch and throw of the HMI solution. It's still $1.5K above your max budget.

ARRI Softbank D1, D2, or D3 kit is great for indoor assignments. And it's $1.5K below your min budget. But because they are halogen, you're not going to get all the color quality your daylight-balanced sensor was designed to capture--even if you set the color balance to tungsten.

Kino also make some great kits. They are obviously a superior choice if you really like the quality of light they throw. But they don't give the harder shadows you can get from a lensed light. Is that a bug or a feature? Kinos are very affordable, but bulkier than the above alternatives. That may be a factor depending on the size of your van.

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