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Sony A58

Hi, I own a Sony A58 and and absolutely thrilled about it, the only issue I have with it is the noise it has in complete blackness. How do I make a black background be completely black, with no noise at all? If I want to film at candle light, how do I get rid of the noise in the black areas?


I have a Sony A57, which got replaced by a GH4 now. What youre trying to get is not really possible with the A58! The Camera does not work fine at Lowlight/ higher iso and will always produce lots of noise or artefacts. The low recordingbitrate and Avchd isnt a great help also... Using fast lenses might help a bit, but fast lenses for Sony are expensive.

But theres a way you can get cleaner noisefree videos using a noise reduction tool like neatvideo or else. Having, as for example, After Effects in your pipeline, you can mask the noised areas and use noisereduction tools. It mostly gives a good and clean result.

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