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Hey guys,

New here. I'm a filmmaker mostly specializing in short and feature length narratives, but recently have been hired by an advertising firm to help with a Marriott commercial.

They want a time lapse video of a wall, outside the window of a hotel room, in the Marriott, where they will be installing some sort of big mural for the company over 5 days.

I have a Sony A7s with Atomos 4k recorder, and plan on renting a cine lens, AC power unit for the camera body and 4k recorder for the shoot specifically.

I'm hoping to run a few tests before the shoot, as they are renting a room in NYC for 5 nights where I will set up the camera, and I have one shot at this.

Can anyone recommend settings, in camera apps, etc. for this? It will obviously be day and night over a 5 night span shooting outside a window, and needs to look amazing. ANY help I can get would be deeply and sincerely appreciated, I should have time to run some test shoots with your advise before next Monday, Sept 28th, when the shoot begins.

Thank you,

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just make sure to expose the shot correctly, shoot wide open and shoot in av mode. there will be flickering but it can be easily removed in post.

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