May 25, 2016 at 3:03PM, Edited May 25, 3:04PM


Stabilizing DSLR upgrade

I would love to hear your recommendations and thoughts when it comes to camera stabilization.

I recently upgraded from my old Canon dslr to a bigger camera. Just before the upgrade I bought one of the better glidecam knockoffs thinking it would be the best temporary solution until possibly investing in a Ronin-M or such. I didn’t really think that the weight of the BMCC would be a problem, but when it’s rigged with accessories, I find it quite heavy for all-day handheld work and impossible to use with the glidecam for shots longer than a couple of minutes.

I consider myself pretty stable with run and gun handheld but my recent choice of buying non-IS lenses (sigma 18-15, Samyang cine) makes walking shots to jittery for my taste.
Now my question is; would a shoulder rig be sufficient stabilization for run and gun situations or should I go with a gimbal? As I see it, a Ronin wouldn’t be much better weight wise. Also there is the old-school choice of buying a Steadicam-like arm for the glidecam.

What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of those options?

Thanks in advance! :-)

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