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Stranglehold & Safety

I'm about to shot a scene where one actor is lifting up some other actor from the ground (several inches) by a strangehold.
My question is now how to do this safe, proper and realistic at a very no budget level (max. $50). So the face close-ups, of course, are done with something like stool where the strungled acter can stand on but how to handle a long shot where you can see the entire actor hanging in the air? With dangling feets which, I think, makes it a bit tricky.
Thanks for your help!

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First: What lifts your actor off the ground must be a harness of some sort, so that everything the camera sees is entirely illusion.

Otherwise I would have the camera and the actor doing the fake strangling "sink" so that the actor being "strangled" just stands on a platform, so from the camera's perspective if looks like someone was lifted up, when in reality the camera and the other actor are dropping down. You would never do this with a full body wide shot, so you would shoot the hanging / kicking feet separately from the shot of the actor being lifted up.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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