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Syncing Separate Audio to RED Video Files in FCP

I just shot my 2nd short film using a RED and it took be quite a while to figure out how to properly set up Proxies for my footage. Now I'm looking to sync the separately recorded audio tracks with the footage in FCPx. I would usually do this by clicking the clip and the separate audio track and and creating a new synced clip. Is this advisable using this high quality footage? Will it loose any of the information in the clip? Does creating that new synced clip screw up the Proxy media stuff I've created? My guess would be yes, seeing how important naming conventions are with RED footage. Any thoughts or ideas on how to best tackle this?


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Hey Gustavo. As far as FCPX goes you are forced to make proxies inside the program (there is a hack for it but I don't recommend it. Your workflow will depend on a few things. For starters, are you going to be doing your color grading in FCPX on your Red RAWs? Or are you going to finish it in something like Davinci Resolve? That's important to know first. Essentially though you should import your Red RAW files into FCPX and create proxies upon import. Then you sync your audio with the video (the Red footage) via "synchronize clip" per usual. Then when you want to edit, switch over to 'Proxy' in your viewer. When you want to export/color, switch back to your original camera files. If you are going out to Resolve later I'd have to run a quick test to see if changing the clip name in FCPX via synchronizing actually changes the file name and would confuse Resolve on the xml import-- or if you can rename your synchronized clips to your heart's content without worrying about problems re-linking later. But again, I'd need to know more about your workflow to answer the question beyond a doubt.

July 24, 2018 at 4:14PM

Ryan Charles

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