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T3i workflow help?

Hello! I recently finished a short film and I'm looking to use DaVinci to grade and the Adobe suite for the editing.

My amateurish workflow has generally consisted of using the unsharpen mask in After Effects to make my clips look better, editing the clips and sound in premiere, and then sending it back to After Effects to grade.

Can anyone give me any tips on speeding up my process or mind sharing your flow?

Thank you and best wishes!


Obviously applying an effect and render every clip is a huge waist of time, knowing that you will not use every clip in your edit and that you have to do two roundtrip from after effect to premiere. Why not putting your unsharpened mask after the editing, while doing your color grade in after effect?

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Before going to film school and working professionally, I used to play around with video and editing on "free versions" (if you know what I mean) of all the softwares you can imagine. It was for recreational purposes so yeah.
Now I have a production company so I pay for everything I own/use, so essentially penny saved is a penny...not spent?
For small clients I use only Premiere CC. Is a very powerful tool - you can access some of the features you have on After Effects, so its like a editing software with half of after effects built in. This way you use only one software, speeding up your workflow and not spend too much of software. If you get plugins like filmconvert, get some LUTs (search for DELUTS) and other "helpers" you can really speed up your workflow and get the look you want in your shots.

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Miguel Pinto Ferreira
Creative Director

I personally just import everything into Premiere Pro, and cut it, then add music etc, transitions and so forth (if I choose to, which is rarely the case), and then I grade in Premiere Pro, just using RGB Curves, which gives me access to contrast directly, as well as, well, Reds and Greens and Blues, which I can change in the highlights, and shadows. Works for me.

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