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Tele Zoom Lens for Sony a6300

Hi guys,

i just bought the Sigma 70-200 2.8 with the sigma mc11 adapter for my a6300. But now i`m not sure if this was the right decision. I mean the capabilities of the a6300`s autofocus is pretty nice and with the sigma solution it does not work as well as a native e mount lens. The aperture with 2.8 is nice as the a6300 is not such a light monster as the a7s.
i`m thinking about sending the sigma back and order the Sony 70-200 f4.

I would appreciate if you let me hear your thoughts.

thanks and best regards!

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If you really want the AF than, of course, you should go with the native Sony lenses. They are designed to work in the best way possible for the native mounts.
The sigma otherwise has an aperture of f/2.8 which isn't that bad... And how often do you use the AF on your a6300? If you film with it I wouldn't use the AF (because I never use auto-anything while filming). If you do some more photography work with it the Sony lens would be more practical some times (or even most of the time).

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