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Thoughts on my new short?


So I just made this like a week ago and I want to know what everyone thinks of it. THe filmmaking community has always helped me out a lot whenever I need it. Helping out by telling me what I need to improve is probably the best help I can get! Because how am I ever going to get better without people watching it?
Anyway, I hope you liked it.

Tell me what you thought on it overall and what you thought about on smaller scenes in it. Thanks a ton


Kyler, I trust you posted the same request about a week ago:


So, check this out -- what I'm about to say is counter intuitive. You might disagree with it at first but sleep on it and it might register. Or might not register at all.

First assume that you've made an amazing short and festivals would be chasing it. You'd actually get a bad feedback -- by all the "filmmakers" that never made a film.

Had you made an awful film then people would give you pity rewards -- the thread would be full of "Whoa, amazing!"

This is kinda like sports -- a pro footballer will be criticized more than a varsity player despite that pro footballer being much more capable than that varsity player. Meaning that if you are really good the people will criticize you really hard, while if you are really bad then people will encourage you the most.

This is just how the things are, you will have easier time if you take this as a dogma. I'll illustrate this with the article where Alejandro Inarritu is being drugged through mud:


Imagine growing up to the Alejandro's level just to face the harshest and most emotional criticism yet. So, the better you get the dirtier and more personal your critics will become.

If you got no comments about your work after a week means you are somewhere in between doing great work warranting personal attacks and doing amateur work deserving pity rewards ;)

I think film-making is like Buddhism -- I can't see a monk asking other monks for feedback on how his prayers to lord Vishnu sound. He'll just keep praying instead of asking for improvement advice.

So, just keep shooting ;)

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Alex Zakrividoroga

Alright. Thank you for that. I'll just keep shooting. FIlm is an art so you're right, Good films are insulted and bad films are encouraged. Thank you!

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Kyler Wagner
Director/Cinematographer/Video Editor

I think you're the same guy that made the short about gooey stuff? Well my friend, you've definitely made a massive improvement from that. So well done.

I really dig the hand-held look by the way.

Just a couple of things that might help:

- Pacing. You could probably do with chopping a good bit out. I know you're trying to build suspense, but make sure to keep it moving along nicely. I'll be honest, I was slightly bored at points. Just remember to cut away any unnecessary length to clips.

- Music. I think when the talent is running and she see's the guy, you could really turn up the music and help that give the viewer a fright.

- When the car lights turn on to reveal the guy, I reckon he should already be in frame rather than panning to reveal him.

Overall, great job. You definitely have a natural eye for cinematography. Just keep working on story and pacing and I'm sure you'll keep improving! Look forward to your next short.

July 29, 2015 at 2:41AM


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