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Is trading crypto profitable nowadays?

Is trading crypto profitable nowadays? Why?


Make no mistake. Crypto is in a massive bubble, and this bubble will end eventually. But in the meantime, here’s how you can profit off the bubble if you can’t resist the temptation.

For starters, you should only trade a bubble from the long side.
Do not try to short the bubble’s top. You will get killed because nobody knows where the bubble will end. Picking the internet bubble’s top is what ended the career of legendary investors like Julian Robertson.
I recommend “Trend Following” by Michael Covel if you’re interested in learning more about trend following. I’m not affiliated with the author or his book.

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I recommend to read relevant blogs about trading and watch videos on Youtube to be successful.

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Yes, but you should follow many rules if you want to start:
1) You must always come up with a new trading plan.
2) You should have the ability to treat trading like a business.
3) One can also use trading as technology.
4) You should have the ability of protecting your trading capital.
5) You must become a student of the markets.
6) You must understand that, you must risk the things that you can afford to lose.
7) Also develop a trading methodology based on facts.
8) You must always use a stop loss.
9) You should be knowing when it is the perfect time to stop trading.
10) Keep trading in perspective.
If you want to find good broker to start I can recommend to try trading with leverage via Monfex https://www.monfex.com/ it is my favorite.

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