March 28, 2017 at 5:04PM

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Transfer SVHS tapes to Digital

I have svhs tapes I want to be able to edit in
digital form. what is best format to put these tapes
into … my editor uses finalcutprox… on a macbook pro..


So they have not been transferred yet ? That is a critical stage. Identify if the player is good and if you need a TBC in the chain to avoid dropped frames. If you find JVC 9911 and Panasonic 1980 SVHS players in genuinely good serviced condition, then good, but there are others.

Due to VHS and SVHS being a "lowly" format, some people will say it doesn't need a robust uncompressed codec and you can just encode to Mpeg, but I would maybe try for as much signal integrity preservation as you can, then output down to whatever you want. Bottom line - it's up to you, but have a good think beforehand.

Simpler process - there are certain dvd recorders, elite specific models from 2006-2008 (with caveats), which will make decent dvds or encode to hard drive (depending on model). Again, you will need a good serviced machine. You could just pull those into your editing and refine from there. Good luck.

March 29, 2017 at 4:37AM, Edited March 29, 4:42AM

Saied M.

thanks! I'm going to pursue 2 options… 1) find someone local with equipment
to do the transfer… 2) or get a dvd recorder… they appear to be extinct species
but some online for sale used… anybody have thoughts on a decent dvd recorder
with s input..? I see Toshiba has the dvr 620… ( I know it can be done, I just saw
the amazing Cameraperson… with mucho 25 year old footage….)

tim matson

March 29, 2017 at 2:15PM

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