October 9, 2016 at 6:19AM, Edited October 9, 6:21AM


Trying to calibrate a USB to VGA connected monitor

Hey, everyone. This is kind of an odd question, but I figured it was worth asking anyway. I have a monitor that I decided to connect to my laptop for a third display when editing. I had to use a USB to VGA adapter because of physical limitations, but everything is running smoothly--with one exception; I can't calibrate the screen. I don't actually care about making the colors accurate (I have another monitor for that), but the new screen has a green cast that I was able to fix with my calibration device when it was connected to another computer through a VGA port; however, I am unable to fix it currently because the calibration software doesn't seem to work though a USB connection. The monitor is probably on its last legs, but I'd like to eek out a little more use from it. The color adjustment buttons on the monitor its self don't provide enough range to get rid of the green cast.

Does anyone know of a way to adjust the color of a monitor connected through USB?


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