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Unusual editing techniques

Hey! I am a beginning filmmaker. Yesterday I created my first hyperlapse, which turned out really well for a first try. Making something happen for the first time is a great feeling and is super instructive as well. Now I am very eager to create more video's with unusual effects either in production or post production . I was already thinking of a kaleidoscope effect, do you guys have more ideas like those? And maybe some examples you've made? I can't wait to start creating videos from new perspectives! Thanks in advance.


I can only speak for myself, but I always try to ask myself how something I'm doing benefits the audience. Memento is one of VERY few movies that benefits from unusual editing. Most indie movies with really non-linear editing are just hard to follow. I know several producers that insist on effects or strange camera angles. They think it helps keep people's attention. Most of the time, it makes me go "wow, that set wasn't meant to be shot from there." Likewise, an effect can help serve a story or it can just show off that somebody knows how to do an effect. In the case of the latter, it distracts from the message. For things like music videos or art projects, where presentation are more important than story, effects for the sake of effects can be great. It really depends on what you're wanting to achieve.

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Thanks for your reaction! It is indeed for an art project. I use the hyperlapse to guide the viewer through a city, so for that matter it serves the story. I was wondering if there are more creative options to fasten the video. Or just to experiment with creative techniques that might be useful in my future projects. Making a hyperlapse seemed to be something I wouldn't be able to achieve. There have to be more techniques that are so simple to do, yet look so amazing.

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