March 9, 2015 at 11:15AM


Upgrade from 60D to 6D or buy new glass?

Hey guys! So I've been battling lately with what new gear I should purchase. I own a Canon 60D and 50mm f1.8 lens as well as the kit lens. For what I do it works, but I've been seriously thinking about upgrading. I was looking into buying a Canon 6D because it is a nice full frame for a great price. I do primarily video work, but I've also wanted to use my DSLRs for photography and I knew this would be a great upgrade in that department too. My real question is, is it worth it to buy a 6D or should I just keep my camera body and get some new glass?

Also, I found some great deals online for the 6D. I found one ad that comes with the camera and a 24-105 lens for a solid price. It is off of craigslist, which I've never purchased anything from let alone a camera, so I'm skeptical. Does anyone have any advice when it comes to buying from people off sites like Craigslist? Any and all advice on these matters would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


I've bought lots of items from Craig's List, but I'm careful when buying...

- Get full name and phone number of the seller ( call the number at some point to confirm it's the right one )
- If you can, always meet in a public space where there are other people around.
- Always have some way of testing the gear before you agree to buy it.
- If I'm buying a camera, I always ask about what they shoot and how they used the camera. I make sure to ask at least one technical question to see if they really know how to use the camera. ( gives me assurance that this is actually their camera )
- Walk away from the deal if anything doesn't feel right about the sale

March 9, 2015 at 11:37AM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Is better new lenses.

March 10, 2015 at 2:37AM

Rag├╝el Cremades
Film producer and director

Well, at this point you don't have any money invested in glass. The 50 f/1.8 is what $100? it's not like you own several $2500 lenses or a set of Canon Cine Primes. So in my opinion you can be totally lens mount agnostic at this point.

Personally I like the Canon cameras. The 6D is a great camera and on my list because I want full frame for photo work and don't have a real need to spend the money for a 5D mkIII.

So do whatever you want. But I'd stay with what you have. Other than full frame (which is not necessary for video work) the 6D doesn't offer much over the 60D, especially when it comes to image quality. So put that money towards your next film.

March 11, 2015 at 8:53PM

Michael Markham

Tyler, I just very recently made the switch from my 60D to a 6D primarily for photography reasons but also for video. The 6D is an amazing step up from the 60D in a lot of ways. The full frame sensor creates a fantastic picture! Buuuut I would have to agree with Michael. Build up your lenses before you jump ship to a new camera. I loved my 60D and I used the living daylights out of it for 4 years, in that time I built up my glass collection and slowly you'd be improving your picture and its quality with better glass. What you do need to consider though is this, if you're serious about eventually upgrading to a full frame sensor, start buying full frame lenses for your 60D now, and then you can eventually make the most out of them in the future. I'm talking about lenses like the 24 - 105 f4, 16 - 35 f4, 24 - 70 f2.8. 70 - 200 f2.8 These are fabulous lenses on the 60D and will make a dramatic change in the way you shoot with your 60D. The old saying is "lenses last forever." Invest in some beautiful primes or L-series and watch as it changes the way you view and use your 60D.

March 12, 2015 at 6:10PM

Promotions / Production

I love Canon cameras for a lot of reasons, but if video is your primary objective, I don't know that staying in that ecosystem (especially with your minimal set of glass) is the best way to go. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee it isn't. Even new Nikon cameras have been video than Canon cameras do.

I've used the 6D (admittedly under some pretty harsh conditions) and ended up with footage that was straight up unusable. That pretty much guaranteed I'll never use one for filming again. If you're dead set on Canon and doing video for cheap-ish, a used 5D II + Magic Lantern RAW will go a lot further than a 6D. And used 5D IIs are now cheaper, which will allow you to buy a high-end CF card or two, which are absolutely necessary when shooting that footage.

March 12, 2015 at 9:15PM

Alec Kubas-Meyer

That all being said, better lenses are really the way to go. I shot my last short on some Zeiss photo primes (rented 5D III + RAW), and holy cow do those things produce some damn good images. I like L lenses a whole lot... but I'd go with a Zeiss even so.

Alec Kubas-Meyer

March 12, 2015 at 9:18PM

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