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Upgrading from a 5D Mark II

I haven't bought any new camera equipment in many many years. I'm starting to shoot again after a few years of not making anything and am looking to get a new camera.

At the moment I have an old 5D Mark II. I bought it new when it came out (which tells you how long I've had it) and it's been a great camera, but it's clearly showing its age (in addition to a couple dead pixels).

So I'm wondering what I should upgrade to. I haven't looked at the options in a while, so the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7S ii are completely new to me.

Are these better options than the 5D Mark III? Should I just stick with Canon?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I'll be using it mainly for narrative shorts one-man-band shooting up to a three or four person crew max. So low/no budget projects.

I'm also looking at the C100 and the Black Magic Cameras. Would those be decent options as well? I'd like to stick to around $3K or less for the body.

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My best recommendation for an upgrade is also the hardest. Upgrade yourself. Your camera is fine, all cameras including new cameras have their pros and cons where your work is concerned. Learning to overcome the perceived deficiency of a camera is part of our work as cinematographers. If your video sucks, it is not a fault of the camera. I would encourage you to master your present camera, because with any new camera you will have the same issues. You had said that you wanted to upgrade and the only upgrade really for any of us is us. When you Master your present camera, you will know exactly what you need in the next? The better option is you.

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