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Ursa Raw to ProRes for Grading???

Hi Guys

Ive shot a short film on the Ursa Mini 4.6k in 4.6k 4:1 compressed Raw, some of the shots are night and quite underexposed.

Now the question, a really great grading house (A Deluxe Subsiduary) is being closed by the head office and has offered to grade it for free. Great. But their bread and butter is Alexa based TV and advertising shot mainly in ProRess 4444, so in order to do it they want all the footage in ProRess 4444.

My question is, how would I best decode the footage to create the new 'masters' for grading. Keep it as flat as possible, BMD Film, or maybe put a mild sat boost? or does the PR 4444 have enough depth to work well with the BMDFilm log footage?

Also for the slightly underexposed stuff, would i be best off bumping it to 1600 iso from the RAW to PR4444 or again is it better off leaving it at 800 and having them push the PR4444 file in the grade?

Any Help would be hugely appreciated?

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While raw offers you the possebility to change your exposure, wb etc. afterwards this is not possible to do with non-raw files (yes, it is possible, but you won't get the same quality out of it).
If the grading house cannot work with CinemaDNG raw I would recommend to rise the exposure of the shots necessary and then decode all shots into ProRes 4444 XQ with the highest bitrate possible (anything abouve 12 bit might be ok).
You can also try out yourself if the ProRes works just fine without rising exposure in the raw files. But I think ProRes 4444 XQ 12-Bit is really near by 12-Bit uncompressed footage which is basically raw but interpreted by your computer.

September 24, 2016 at 4:19AM

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