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Using old Minolta Lenses on Sony A7R ii

Looking to build up a collection of prime lenses for a A7R ii - currently just have a Tamron 24-70mm - and a friend mentioned that old Minolta lenses work on Sony cameras.

Has anyone tried using Minolta lenses on the A7R ii? Would be great if they do work as you can pick up a wide range of Minolta lenses pretty cheap online.

However, would also be bad a £30 lens broke my 2 grand new camera so looking for reassurance! If they do work, and your got some footage you could share that would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I've found the Minolta MC series lenses provide a pleasing look on Blackmagic (RAW) and Canon cameras, and there are a number of Red users who like them as well. The "look" is reminiscent of Adrian Lyne & Alan Parker films, especially those from the 1980s. The MC's match up very well regardless of the year manufactured. You can put together a nice matched set of for cheap if you don't seek out the fastest or most sought after models (widest/fastest/Varisoft). I'd start out with either a Rokkor 58mm F1.4, 35mm F1.8, or 24mm F2.8 before going hog wild. These models will let you know if they are for you. You can also build up a kit quickly by buying bundled lens combos cheaply and quickly on places like Goodwill auctions.

Rokkor MD's and a few of the MC's (like the 50mm PG, F1.4) are much sharper. Some describe them as providing a sci fi, futuristic look. Red User has a good thread covering these lenses in more detail:

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Marc B
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My experience is that the Minolta MD lenses look very soft when used at 4K/UHD (too soft for my liking)

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Thomas Dove

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