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Video camera for advanced amature

In near future I'm planning to buy a (video) camera which I'll be using for amature and semi amature filming - mostly Internet TV reportages and some film school short movies. What's more I'd love to use it for photography. I'm looking for something that could record at least raw 1080p/60fps, has at least aps-c sensor, audio input, headphones output and viedo output for external recorder. Of course 4k recording would be nice thing, but it's not necessary. Finally, it has to cost less than 1,500$, but doesn't have to be new one.
After some research I found a few cameras which I consider:
- Canon 7d mark II - 1080p/60fps, aps-c sensor, audio input, headphones output, EF mount, but no Magic Latern so no raw.
- Canon 5d mark III - full frame, audio input, headphones output, EF mount, 1080p/60fps with Magic Latern, but quite pricey even used ones and quite old.
- Sony a7s - full frame, small body, audio input, headphones output, 1080p/60fps + external 4k, unfortunately pricey and no EF mount (metabones are not cheap as well).
- Lumix GH4 - audio input, headphones output, 1080p/60fps + internal 4k, no EF mount, micro 4/3 (bleh), pricey metabones.
- BMPCC - the same story as lumix+no photo mode no 60fps, no 4k.
- Sony a6000 - cheap, APS-C, 1080p/60fps, audio input, small body, but no headphones output, no EF mount, no raw, no 4k.
Make long story short, no perfect camera. Any advices from professional filmmakers?
Thank You


Here is why you want a GH4 with m43 lenses:

TL;DR? Michael Reichmann edits The Luminous Landscape, a photography website that serves over 1M users worldwide every month. He concludes the article with "Am I getting one? In fact we’re getting two, and likely a third as well, replacing our GH3 cameras which we use for all of our video productions. I also expect one of the GH4’s to become my daily shooter for both stills and video, as well as serving as Chris’ workhorses for video production."

Since the article was published, the street price of the GH4 has dropped from $1700 to $1100, making it a real bargain. And the m43 lenses available offer quite a lot for a very reasonable footprint (both size-wise and price-wise). VLog-L notwithstanding, the one feature it lacks is RAW video (such as BMD cameras offer), but that's really only a feature you need it you are really into grading. Most of us play with the various color profiles until we find a profile and custom settings that make it "right" for 98% of what we do and we forget about it from there on out. The GH4 does offer RAW photo files, so you can do picture editing to your heart's content. But for video, be very, very happy with excellent color, good dynamic range, very good resolution (including 4K).

Don't fixate on EF lenses and metabones unless you have a really, really unique lens that you must use for a very special purpose.

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I totally agree with Michael on this one. The GH4 is the best camera in your price range, and it can work with almost any lens made, so you can pick up really good older lenses to use for video work.

Just make sure you master the settings of your GH4, as this camera can look wonderful or terrible depending on the settings you shoot with.

Guy McLoughlin

September 29, 2015 at 11:23AM

Another plus 1 to the GH4. It will get you to be able to deliver 4k content which can carry your visuals for the next few years. Ive stopped focusing on gear for right now, but if I was going to do about the same jump as far as my test/home equipment Id go GH4.

Why the A6000 over the A6300? Smaller package than the GH4 and the A6300 has the 4k, I also understand the HDMI is clean coming out of the cam, dont know if its the same 8 bit that comes out of the GH4. But either would give you the option to expand to an external recorder/monitor.

Chris Hackett

March 12, 2016 at 9:30AM

I'm with Michael. I don't a sub $1500 camera with RAW, 1080p/60p recording exists with an APS-C sensor. It's like the old triangle of good, cheap, and fast - pick two. If your budget is under $1500, your best bet might just be the 7d with a RAW hack. Even then, as I understand, you're not getting full HD with the RAW hack, and I hear the workflow is a bit of a pain. Good luck!

September 30, 2015 at 1:20PM


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