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Video Editing: Learning the more technical side

Hi there, I'm a recent film graduate and I am currently working part time as a Video Editor for a production company. Editing is my passion and I feel that my biggest strength as an editor is understanding shot selection, pacing and cutting to a beat. I have read numerous books on editing but for the most part, they never really go into the real technical side of editing, its mostly just the theory side.

Things like Codecs, Bit Depth, Chroma Subsampling, Spatial / Temporal / Lossless / Lossy Compression, Bit Rate etc.

I know the basics of these but is there any books / videos / articles that really go into depth with these subjects (and just the post-production work flow in general).

Many Thanks!

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Color Depth:
Chroma Subsampling:
Lossless Compression (redirected):
Lossy Compression:
(Video) Bit Rate:

Because all Wikipedia articles have references, and many of those references are books, you can build a reading library from them.

The BBC also publishes very good, and sometimes very accessible research papers that provide great technical background. You can read this, for example: . Note that in this article several SMPTE and ITU-R standards are mentioned. Those standards are themselves the products of lots of papers, commentary, arguments, etc. If you read those, you can learn a lot about what are the common shared technical assumptions and what represent more specific individual choices that may be implemented in one or another editing platform, and for what reasons.

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