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Video Effect

I'm working on a sizzle reel for a client and she pointed me to this video as an example she likes.

Question...what is the name of the effect that they used at :05 of the video (where the camera appears to be zooming in on the speaker while the background stays static)?
How do you achieve this look? I work in Final Cut Pro and have Motion and After Effects at my disposal (though I don't have a lot of experience with either of those motion graphics tools). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It's called a parallax effect and is created by cutting different elements out of a still image in photoshop and placing them on different layers.
You then import these layers into after effects and alter their scale and distance from each other, using a camera with very subtle movement to achieve parallax between foreground and background objects.
Her hand moving slightly was probably done with the puppet tool in after effects.

Do a youtube search for "2.5D after effects" or "parallax effect after effects" and you'll find lots of detailed tutorials :)

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