September 11, 2014 at 2:27PM


Viewing on mobile devices and colour

Hi, I like the look of the site, and I'm not here to be a pain, but I was just wondering why you haven't used a responsive solution for your site, the text is just way too small to comfortably read on my iPhone and having to zoom in all the time is just not a good thing. Some of the colours you've used are very low contrast (light grey in a small font?) and just seem to be counter-intuitive to a good reading experience. Light text looks very modern and stylish but if I'm struggling to read your subheadings (#aaa, which is fine except when the font is forced to a 12px size). I love the content on your site and find myself heading here most days, so don't see this as criticism, just observation from a long-time graphic designer. Keep up the good work.

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Too small? Text is WAY too large on a tablet... Maybe they should allow you to scale it like every other site and their old site... But they've seriously got to fix the double spacing issue. Only one paragraph fitting on the screen is a horrible reading experience that I won't have anything to do with... Yet the comments are nice and readable.

October 15, 2014 at 9:53AM

Mark Chaney

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