February 9, 2018 at 1:26PM


Vimeo On Demand - Are you on there?

So people, first of all, how many people here have films on Vimeo On Demand?
If you have then are they short films or feature films?
How much do you price them at? What extras do you give? How would you go about promoting your film?
Mines here - https://vimeo.com/ondemand/deepmeaning I'm just wondering how would you go about promoting this film if it was yours and you have no money?
I have a good few questions asked there I do, but I just like to start a conversation and see other people's Vimeo On Demand films.


I'm on Vimeo On Demand and working on a hour long documentary special for release this summer.

Pricing is what I'm currently working on. My first instinct was to go low Louis CK style and price at 4.99. But a friend released a documentary feature before xmas at 14.99 and is doing well so now I'm thinking maybe somewhere in the middle 7.99. But no rush to decide till closer to release.

Promotion wise I guess it's like anything else, look at the genre you're working in and work the media. If it's a horror film, get coverage on horror blogs, post on horror groups, work the social media.

I'm lucky in that I've built up a small following releasing regular shorts over the last few years so my hope is they'll support this paid project. I guess we'll find out lol.

What are your thought on pricing and promotion?

February 14, 2018 at 3:14PM

Cole Black

Well that's great for you. Well done!

Really now my thoughts on pricing would be like really "how much would be pay for something that's an hour long compared to something that's two hours long and of it's availability." You see when I go to the cinema and spend €14 on a film I want to get my money's worth so I go see the longest film on that has got good reviews as well. My film is only fifty minutes so I thought at first I should charge people €5 at most. Then again it's only available through Vimeo so I might as well charge an extra €1 because also my film is a non-profit film, I take that into consideration I have keep my pro account alive so any revenue coming from that helps keep my account alive and if I get more than it would go into the current film I am working on now.

As for promotion I thought I gathered a small following with the film gathering more funding than it needed through Kickstarter. I try to focus mainly through Facebook and independent review sites. I only got one review so far but a very good one and through Facebook I have a business profile where anyone can be my friend and talk to me and I just spread word about my film, when it'll be released and what I am working on at the moment.

I don't know but perhaps when it is released people will more than likely pay to see it because I believe on pre-order they might think I don't have the film on it and might steal their money. I don't blame people if they think that but really getting the word out when it is released I think is the main thing. Of course some promos and shorts really do help, it really helped with my Kickstarter.


February 16, 2018 at 4:43AM

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