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What 2 cameras to buy to create short style documentaries

I am wanting to create short documentaries that is similar to Vice content. I would like have the Canon C100 or C300 as my A camera (or something similar). I am also trying to decide between a Sony A7S, Panasonic GH4, A7R ii , or Canon 5D MK 3 as my B camera. I am open for any ideas as my A and B camera.


It is a royal pain to try to match the color and character of two different brands of cameras, each of which has its own biases and compromises with respect to color matrix, highlight and shadow behavior, sharpening, noise reductions, and even gamma. If you want to use two cameras, get two that are as close to one another as possible!

I happen to really not like the 5D3 for video at all, so in addition I would not consider that a suitable second camera to a C100 or a C300. YMMV.

I would recommend a pair of GH4 cameras as a price/performance winner.

If your short documentaries are cut from short bits of footage, then the SONY A7S cameras are not likely to overheat, and you can pair a low-light monster (which is not cheap) with a regular A7 (which is not terribly expensive). But if you shoot for 10+ minutes and then cut your footage down in edit, the SONY's thermal challenges may give you nightmares.

The GH4s are fantastic, not least because of what they can do themselves, but because high-quality m43 lenses are so much less expensive (and lighter) than high-quality FF35 lenses. With the money you save there, you can get the lighting package that will make your footage look professional!

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why not just get 2 C100's that way they will match ?

July 4, 2016 at 8:21PM

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