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What camera should I get?

I currently have the BMPC4K. However, it is a pain. It is horrible in lowlight and that is where most of my films take place. I also can't connect it to my DJI Ronin-M because of it's awkward size and shape. I was looking at selling it and getting the C100. However, the C100 doesn't shoot in 4K. I mostly make short films and I usually have a small crew. Should I switch to the C100? If not, is there a better camera that shoots well in low light that also shoots in 4K and is affordable? Thanks for the help.

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I would go with the Sony A7S II because incredible low light performance and internal 4K recording as well. It also fits perfectly into the Ronin M and you can record externaly 4K in ProRes if you want to with something like the Ninja Assassin.

February 8, 2016 at 3:13PM, Edited February 8, 3:13PM

Eric Halbherr
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