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What do you think of my work?

I'm looking for feedback, i know it sucks, but i want to get great, and I'm having alot of trouble figuring out how to do that. My cinematography skills arent the best, and my editing is very simple.

I'm shooting some upcoming music videos and I wanted to add some kind of visual story telling element.

Here's some of my videos.

I usually just take the artist, stick them in different locations and pan the camera back and forth and throw in some b-roll. How can I improve?

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Filmmaking is a very complex field, because you need so much elements to be correct to get a piece that looks good and professional and all of them happen at the same time. First, you are filmmaking and believe me when I say that this is something good no matter the result, you are looking for advice and that's even better and if you have the will and discipline, you'll eventually get better. For what I saw, I think there are some good points and some things that could get improved. You already have the basics, you know how to operate, you have an idea of different shots and framing, you know how to edit. Now my advice would be to focus on different areas and skills that you want yo improve, like cinematography, framing composition, understand the light, lighting direction, how a specific location looks at different times of the day, having your light back and front of the camera, play with color temperature, understanding different focal lengths in optics etc. The same could be said for, let's say, Directing, creating a concept, writing a story, telling that story, choosing right framing an camera movements with a motivation behind, and last but not least, how to manage all the things that you get in front of the camera like talent, blocking, wardrobe, locations, props, so they are in sync with your concept. Don't get overwhelmed, work on one step at a time, once you've mastered, it becomes an inner part of your work and it will be more like developing an instinct. Keep working hard, you've already started and that is one of the most difficult aspects of the process.

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