May 31, 2018 at 6:33PM

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What is the most simple to use camera for v-logging that I can add a good lavaliere or shotgun mic to?

I've been asked to spec out a dead-simple camera setup that complete novices can use to record themselves with that will also yield very good audio (to record their voice). I'm weighing several different setups including having people just use their own smartphones, but good voice audio is paramount, so I'd need them to be able to easily connect and power up a decent and simple-to-use external microphone. Some lights and a tripod would be provided to them, so its just a matter of determining the most simple to operate camera/microphone combo. Any suggestions?

Total budget for camera and mic would be less than $1500, and again, this is for total novices, so something super easy to set up and use is the primary goal, with the secondary goal being the best possible audio recording of their voices.

Typically they'll be talking directly to the camera and sitting or standing just a few feet away from it.

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I would say a Canon 60D with a TAKSTAR SGC-598 would be the ideal setup. Good auto focus and a fully articulate screen. The Takstar is super cheap and can snag decent audio from it. I mean you can't do 4k but beginners don't need to deal with that. Also grab a 24-105mm lens too.

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Alex Alva

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