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What type of camera is best for YouTube videos?

I have been making YouTube videos for a year and have some very basic video setup: a Nikon COOLPIX B500, some decent lighting equipments.
Recently I have been looking to upgrade my video gear so as to get a step up on my video quality. I was wondering whether I should get a DSLR with 4K capabilities, or a camcorder with 4K? I have no idea what's the difference between them in terms of video quality. Will I get more possibilities with a DSLR, or is a camcorder all I need?
I came across this post ( and almost made up my mind to get a camcorder, but I need some professional's advice. My budget is under $1,000 so please consider price. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


hello benj
under 1000 is a very aggressive price limit for professional camera my opinion, save until you can buy quality gear......I too struggled quite a while before I could invest in my first 5d mark2....but , I always hired a quality camera or lens ( as required) for any paid production....after all, people would judge you by the quality of content you are able to I recommend to hire the gear you need until you save enough to invest in a better camera....something like a SONY A7R2 OR A7R3 ….cheers and good luck

March 9, 2019 at 10:27AM

Director / Photographer

Here are our top 15 camera choices for YouTube based on a combination of price, quality, and popularity. Click one below to jump straight to that camera or scroll on to learn all about picking the right camera for you (and discover new versions of the cameras in this list)!

Smartphone Camera
GoPro HERO4 Silver (Updated Version: GoPro HERO7)
Canon Vixia HF R72
Logitech C930e
Panasonic HC-V10 Digital
Canon T6i (Updated Version: Canon T7i)
Canon Powershot G7 X (Updated Version: G7 X Mark II)
DJI Osmo (Updated Version: DJI Osmo+)
Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV (Updated Version: RX100 V, RX100 VI)
Canon 70D (Updated Version: Canon 80D)
Sony a7R II (Updated Version: a7R III)
Canon 5D Mark III (Updated Version: 5D Mark IV)
Sony PXW-X70 4K Ready XDCAM Camcorder
Panasonic Lumix GH4 (Updated Version: GH5/GH5S)
Canon C100 Cinema Camcorder (Updated Version: C200)
Regards, nox player 6

March 11, 2019 at 5:08AM


I use the Sony AX-100 to shoot 4K. I selected it on price and also because I needed a relatively compact camera.

July 21, 2019 at 10:31PM

Christian Flapton

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