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WHAT websites to look for VISUAL inspiration?

hi ,i bought a canon t3i last 6 months ago then returned it and bought bmpcc because i think it looks much more cinematic and since then i go out at least once a day to film something that looks like film but always disappointed how it turns out. i've been looking to wes anderson movies and I've been stunned by the visuals and shapes and colors and realized that there is a lot to it to make visuals that look like art (i guess something that doesn't look like everyday life or real or ordinary rather it looks extraordinary) and my question is;
- how does he make something that looks like a painting, what goes on under the hood to achieve that look ,and where can i learn about art and shapes and what colors that mix well and what costumes and set design that enhance the shot (i realize it's Hollywood, a lot of specialized people that work with him) ,all i'm asking is at least where to look online that could help me to learn ( courses, paintings, works of art, websites where they list recommendations the best visuals of films/music videos/commercials). i found this https://imvdb.com/picks , for music video inspirations , can you guys give me suggestions?


Look at Adobe Capture for your phone (a free app). Research what it does and use it when you see something that catches your eye. Point it at a TV when you're watching a movie.

Look up youtube videos of color wheels. Then go into film colors. When to use primarily 2 colors that are opposite or similar, when to use three.

You have a bmpcc.... learn color grading and make your video what you want. Heck, go black and white to focus on proportions and other bits. Then transition into using more color. Davinci Resolve should be your friend, right?

Maybe leave your bmpcc behind. Just use your cell phone... take good photographs. Study photography and proportions... let that help you frame up your videos. Maybe you'll feel better if instead of getting videos you're disappointed in, you get a couple good photos.

And keep at it.

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