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What's the best upgrade for my entry level DSLR?


So I've been shooting with a Nikon D3300 ( I know everyone loves cannon and they're definitely on my radar for this upgrade. At the time of purchase the specs were better in a Nikon for my price range). I've been feeling the need to upgrade because I'm finding myself needing things like a better/faster auto focus, a screen that movies, mobile connection along with maybe a boost in color quality.
Any suggestions for an upgrade based on what I own and what I'm looking for?
Looking to spend around 1,500-2,000 for a body (possibly a lens too?)



Hey Cecelia!
On that price range I would jump on the mirorless party. Look at Panasonic g80/g85 and Sony a6500. Both under 2000 with lens and you still have some spare to get some other equipment. Compare them ands see which one is suitable for your needs and the type of content you'll be producing.

January 12, 2017 at 2:30AM

Herman Delgado
Filmmaker, Editor

When I'm shopping for important new gear, I often wind up largely ignoring published specs (which can be cheated by changing the conditions of the tests) and feature lists and just go by what feels best and produces the best results according to my perception. That means looking/listening to results online initially and then eventually, if possible, holding it my hand and performing my own tests. Then when I purchase, I perform more tests to figure out optimal settings for given conditions. I don't care about things like auto focus because I can do it better by hand. I DO care about unspecified image artifacts, so if I have to trade a feature for better quality...
Don't be afraid to rent/borrow a few pieces ahead of time and don't be afraid to buy used. Newer does not necessarily mean better but it almost always means more expensive.

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GH5 is suppose to be $1997.99 if i'm not mistaken

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Keith Kim

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