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what's the difference between online and offline editing?

I often hear the terms offline/ online editing?
what does it stands for and what's the difference between the two?
are there like specific softwares for offline and others for online?

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Offline editing is actually a rough or draft cut of the project by editing a low-quality footage together, so the main editor and possibly director could get ideas for the final cut. Another role for an offline editor is to create an edit decision list (EDL) which is similar to log sheets (a list of shots). It is very important because once the offline editors done a list of the shots they put in a rough cut, the online editor would follow and make changes in order to edit a final cut. Offline editors can also make creative decisions; shots, cuts, dissolves, fades, etc.

Online editing is a final cut of the project by editing a high quality footage together. Online editors would reconstruct the final cut based on the EDL, created by the offline editors.

Taken from: http://poool.co.uk/jasmine-blog/2014/10/17/difference-between-online-and...

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