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Where is a good place online to learn film budgeting A-Z?

I do not live in Hollywood. In fact, I'm on the opposite end of the country. I need to learn it all without going to an expensive film school. Where I can learn the business side of filmmaking? The art side is pretty easy to find, but I can't find any real in-depth tutorials on budgeting and raising financing. I want to make a legit film and I'm not scared to raise the money. I just need to know how much I need and that I'm spending the money wisely.

a. -How do I get the money?
b. -How do I know how much money I need?
c. -Who do I pay and where do I find them?
d. -How do I present a Budget to investors (Software, format)?
e. -How do I get the money for a screenplay if I don't have a budget? (because I don't have a movie to budget without a screenplay)
f. -How do I get the movie seen once its done? In other words, How do I get it into theaters and Netflix? Is this possible without distributors?
g. -How do I set up meetings with distributors?
h. -How do I get distributors to help finance my film?
i. -Why is filmmaking so complicated? lol

Any book or website suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I prefer video lectures to reading.


I suggest to see the tutorial of film making and it should be seen from a good site with this you also need work experience degree because it worth it.

February 8, 2017 at 12:29AM


Reach out to indie filmmakers and see if they would be willing to chat with you regarding the questions you posted.

Also books.

Bankroll by Tom Malloy is a good start.
And From Reel to Deal by Dov S-S Simens. But it's a little outdated.

April 8, 2018 at 6:10PM


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