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Where to stand when directing?

I've read many books and articles with various opinions and stances on this topic: where do you stand when shooting as a director?

Most of the resources I've read say that director's should stand next to the camera, where they can see the acting with their own eyes - up close.
However, doesn't acting and the film in general look different through your eyes and through the camera; which is what you are watching via the monitor, so that you keep the look and final product in mind?

Doesn't acting look different through what you see through eyes and on the camera?

What is then the general reason for standing as close to the actors as you can while watching a take, and how can you pay attention to the look and cinematography of the film at the same time?

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I've seen directors work two ways. One will stand by the camera, but look at the actors; they tend to be the directors who concentrate on performance. The other will stand in Video Village, looking at the monitor; they tend to be the directors who concentrate on visuals.

May 14, 2018 at 10:39PM

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