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Which camera to get?

So I currently own a Canon 5D Mark III and I do photography but I want to really switch over to more film work (which I've been dabbling in little by little) and Ive been looking at the Sony A7s II. Is there any other options I should look into and should I sell my Mark III to get something else? Or use it for video? I just look for a camera with Dual Pixel capabilities since I shoot on my own and can't really pull focus + use a stabilizer.


Canon 80d autofocus (dual pixel autofocus) is still, imo, the best autofocus for video on the market. I'd look at the 80d or t7i. 80d has 90mbps video, which may be worth your time. That is only if auto focus is your main priority. The a7iii or A7sii is going to have a better codec, better log options, and 4k option which, if autofocus isn't all important, really makes them a better choice than any Canon at the same price.

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Matthias Claflin

Have a look at this list. I use it as a reference to see what's around, all in one spot - . It helped a lot when I was looking for a digital camera. Woked fine for me.

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^ Junk answer. That list of digital cameras is NOT for filmmakers. It's for people who think they want to read some reviews before dropping almost no money on consumer electronics junk.

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