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Which car dialog scenes with a stopped car do you know?

Hello guys,

i'm gonna shot my first short film soon. The script is ready, and i'm making a kind of treatment right now, to get actors involved. The problem is, there are a lot of car scenes out there with dialog inside the car. What i am looking for, are example in which one person is sitting in a stopped car and another person is walking around the car/repairing the car.

So, there is a mechnic, who just arrives and starts repairing the car. The person inside the car, the car owner, is pissed of because it's taking so long and does not leave the car until the end of the film. He is kind of an arrogant, extroverted person, you would not want to meet.

So, any images that come to your mind from similar films or even totaly different films, but with the same setting (one person inside the car talking to one person outside the car), it would be great if you could share them! That would help a lot.


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Hi, Andreas Rüther
this sounds interesting. I am able to visualise as I was reading your description. But I am not able to recall any such movie. I would suggest, why not you come out with some interesting way to do so. A crane might dramatise the scene more or may be a steadycam... But I will be interested to know finally how you shot this scene.
All the best

July 20, 2015 at 5:55AM

Dibyendu Joardar
Director of Photography

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