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Which fixed lens camera to use alongside a Canon 5Dii as B cam

I am looking to upgrade from a Canon 5D Mark iii and am looking into different options. I am leaning towards getting a Canon C100 or something similar so I can keep using my lenses etc but thought it might be worth considering getting a completely separate fixed lens camera.

I would still be using the 5D as a B camera so my question is whether there is a fixed lens camera which will decently match the 5D footage?

For example something like the Sony PXW-Z190 4K?

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I have never used the 5D III but I did have the 5D II and currently use the 5D IV for both stills and video. When I was looking into getting a video camera I knew I would need continuous video and to be able to match the 5D's I use and it was between the C100 and the EOS 1D-C (because of my EF lenses). Canon does make the XC10 and XC15 which have fixed lenses but not great aperture unless you stay wide. I ended up going with the C100 purely for the DPAF since both can shoot continuous video being cinema cameras. Plus the C100 uses SD cards and has the audio handle. I was able to match it to my 5D II by setting both to canon standard but when I got my 5D IV I used the log profile in it and the C100. I know this is an old question so I'd be interested to see where your decision landed.

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