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Which lenses to purchase? Amateur? Help?

Hey there! I'm an amateur filmmaker. I've had my Nikon D5200 for 5-6 months now, been shooting with my 18-55 kit lens and I've enjoyed it for the most part, however I've decided to go ahead and invest in two new lenses. I'm in a different part of the world and I won't be able to purchase any used lenses, they have to be in new condition.

I mainly shoot short films. I find myself using both the widest possible length on my kit lens (18), in between (35) and all out (55) a lot of the times. nothing really dominates.

My budget is around $350-400. I was thinking of getting either the 35 1.8G or the 50 1.8G to go along with a wider kit lens, however I've realized that wide lenses are quite expensive! Especially at the original price.
Would it be worth it to buy both the 35 1.8G and the 50 1.8G or is that a waste of money?

What are some of your suggestions?


Go with the 50mm f/1.8. 50mm primes are most of the time the cheapest lenses to buy and they give a more natural feeling to your images becuase 50mm is aproximately around to focal length of the human eye.
And yes, wider lenses are often more expensive than mid range lenses.

April 24, 2016 at 6:13AM

Eric Halbherr
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Thank you!

Abdulrazak Mohamed

April 29, 2016 at 5:33AM

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