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Which lighting kit for semi beginner?

Hi. I've been shooting videos for the last year (mostly outside) and I caught myself in buying quite a lot of gear, but not the lights (which I should probably do first). Now I wonted to shoot one video inside of the house and I realised I need some lights. I started now learning about lighting and I checked little bit recommendations on youtube and amazon, but there is so many options to choose from. In the future I would like to film music videos and weddings, so what do you recommend for those areas? My budget is around 500 €. What was your beginning of buying and learning about lighting? Do you think is better in beginning to buy some cheap lights and then later more expensive or go with expensive from the start? Thanks.


Anything from Aputure or if you want even cheaper options Yongnuo and Dracast make pretty decent products for the price. Hope that helps.

May 29, 2019 at 10:07PM

Waqas Qazi
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I tried to post a full list of affordable options, but can't yet, as I'm a new user.

Try to message me at Mark at markhensley dot tv

I was in the same boat as you.
Realised how important lighting is, but didn't have the money to spend +$100 for every light.

My entire setup including rechargeable batteries was under $300

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Weddings will be rather difficult to light. You probably wouldn’t be given the time, space or even permission to set things up. Most people seem to plan summer weddings, so take advantage of nice natural light (or, if you’re here in the UK, simply hope...).

Music videos might provide lots of options for creative lighting. But lighting large spaces might be difficult with your budget. Perhaps a couple of small CameTV fresnel lights could be used as backlights to give things a kick? Gels cheaper than bi-colour. It will depend on the space you’re in and, if you think you’ll have enough power and can manage the safety risks, traditional hot lights are cheaper.

My favourite cheap/quick set-up is an Aperture 672S (the S is important - narrow beam, so much higher output possible) through an umbrella. Good option for key light in interviews.

June 3, 2019 at 7:53AM


The Aputure 120D seems to be highly rated among vloggers. At your budget, you will probably only be able to get one of those.
I have also been reading about Godox SL60. Not as powerful as the Aputure, but still puts out plenty of light.

I do not own either light. Going off the reviews, the Godox should be a solid setup. I would suggest more research to see if it fits your individual filmmaking needs.

LED panels also seem to be popular now. There are some cool options out there, but I wasn't crazy about this method. To get the light output of the Godox or Aputure would cost quite a bit. Also the panels are more difficult to modify - As opposed to spots with a standard Bowens mount which can be fitted with readily available accessories.

For weddings, you may or may not need to ignore all of the above. I know nothing about shooting weddings except that in many situations large and/or bright lighting rigs are either not permitted (church) or overly obtrusive (receptions).

July 17, 2019 at 2:31AM

Joseph Walker

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