September 18, 2017 at 2:34PM


Who does RAW better?

Hey guys! I'm gearing up to start shooting in a RAW format, but I have a question about what you think is the better camera/gear option. I own a Canon 5d Mark II using Magic Lantern which advertises 14 bit RAW recording. The alternative is renting a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. So which one would offer the best color science, best workflow experience, and most importantly the sharpest image and highest overall image quality?

I am split between these because I intend to rent equipment and I could use that money to focus on lenses and possibly an Atomos recorder with the Canon or the camera body and rig set up with accessories for the BMPCC.

Thanks !

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In side by side tests, magic lantern produces a much better image out of the 5d than a BM pocket. Way more color and sharpness. GH4 is probably your best bet though even though it isn't raw. Shootout:

Or if you could try to step up into an entry cinema camera:

These guys are extremely cheap for what you get with tons of customization and the best image quality under an Arri.

September 19, 2017 at 9:40AM

Liam Gillies
DP / Photographer

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